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Join us for an unforgettable Yoga and Horsemanship Holiday

Create deeper connections with yourself and horses through daily yoga practice and horsemanship sessions

Yoga and horsemanship weekends and 3-7 days retreats are offered throughout the year and typically includes 2 yoga classes each day, natural horsemanship sessions, trail riding, arena lessons, yoga on horseback, horseback archery, bareback riding, and shared B&B accommodation.  Transfer to and from Loughrea is not included.

Suitable for beginners and advanced riders

The combination of yoga and natural horsemanship develops awareness and physical strength in the body and mind.  Clearer communication, intention, presence, and focus will benefit your personal and professional life.  Yoga and horsemanship classes compliment each other.  Our goal is for you to walk away feeling in harmony with yourself, horses and the world around you.

Hearty thanks for the lovely time at the Slieve Aughty Center. At first I thought it was a bit costly, but now after having experienced it I have to say that this holiday included so many different, exciting, well organized and very professionally executed offers that the price is more than justified. The combination of yoga and riding is perfect, because you go on horseback warmed up and the next day you don’t have any sore muscles. Both the yoga lessons and the riding lessons are incredibly professional. I liked natural horsemanship and yoga on horses the best. Here you have the possibility to get a real connection to the horses, to intensify the mutual trust and to communicate with the horse about the smallest changes in body tension or weight shifting. In the end you bring together everything that you have practised individually to share a great experience with the horse. In addition to the program, the food is also remarkable. The certificate “Good Food Ireland” awarded here is absolutely right. Most of the vegetables, the salad and the fruit are grown in their own garden and the cook prepares a wonderful buffet every day with vegetarian, meat and fish dishes, salad and dessert. It was a very nice holiday and I will surely come again.


Yoga and natural horsemanship retreat; it was all about connecting

  • Connecting with nature

Being in the beautifull woods of western Ireland with its fairylike lights and shadows is so special.

Explored during a walk with Tracie as a guide from Slieve Aughty centre.  She let us see it through different eyes by telling about the history of the woods and about the plants and the trees.

Also explored from horseback during the rides, which gave us another view, sitting high and feeling one with the horse.

You can only feel deep respect for nature!

  • Connecting with horses

Natural horsemanship is not about putting a saddle on a horse and just go.

It is about really looking at the horse, connecting. It’s about trust and respect. The horse is like a mirror, so it is all about you!

I am very thankful to the horses from Slieve Aughty centre. They are all so different and each had its own lesson for me. Many thanks for Dave who so professionally and patiently translated the horse language when we did not understand.

  • Connecting with the body by food

During the retreat there were three meals a day. They were prepared by a cook who works with love and passion. Using organic ingredients Miguel prepared the most delightful dishes and served them in a buffet. It is sad that he does not have his own book with the recipes yet. I would love to prepare the meals at home.

  • Connecting with the body by yoga

Slieve aughty centre has a beautiful and peaceful room for yoga. It was a joy to be there. The lovely and very professional yoga teacher Erika let us connect with our body during yoga sessions before breakfast and dinner. Our body was prepared for a day working with the horses and got reset and relaxed after that same day. Erika, I miss your sessions!

Very special was the yoga on horses. It was all about feeling your body, the horses body and trusting. Thanks for that experience Tracie.

  • Connecting with the people

Slieve aughty centre has beautiful rooms for the guests. The missing thing is the possibility to make tea or coffee on your room.

But that is with a reason: they want you to come to the common room to make it easier to connect with the other guests.

Also the meals are served on a buffet. Long tables are laid so you can sit next to another person during every meal if you want to. You can make friends from all over the world.

  • Connecting with the mind

Doing all the things above you can hardly be without emotions. These five days were also about exploring me.

Thanks Esther, that you created such a great and warm place and share it with your guests.


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