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Yoga and Horsemanship One day Workshop

Sunday July 4th, 2021, 10am to 6pm

Spend an enlightening day with your own horse or ours as we become better riders, happier people, and ultimately contribute to healthier, happier horses.

Horses are incredibly sensitive to our bodies and our minds.  Horsemanship sessions (groundwork and mounted) focus on deepening an understanding of the horse’s instinctive nature and how they respond to our body language.  You will work to establish yourself as a leader, improve focus, and create a willing partnership with your equine companion.

Yoga complements our riding by helping us find mental and physical balance, stay calm and relaxed and be present.  Yoga can improve your riding and, ultimately the health and happiness of your horse.

Throughout the day we will work with our horses, our bodies, and even try some yoga on horseback to bring the 2 together!

Our ultimate focus is giving our horses the best experience possible – which includes a supple, balanced rider as well as a calm and concentrated mind.

Cost:  €90 per person.  Includes coffee/tea/snack break and organic lunch

Want to bring your own horse?  €75 per participant.

No experience with horses or yoga necessary

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