Wheel of the Year – Bealtaine -Eco-therapy, foraging and tending to the inner flame

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 Wheel of the Year eco-immersion.

Tending to the wild roots, the shoots within, and the branches of life without.

Join forager, yoga teacher and hedgerow herbalist Olwyn Williams, and deep ecologist and eco-therapist Jenny O’Hare for a special weekend honouring the seasons and cycles that hold us, and deepening into the rhythm of life within and without.

Bealtaine – Welcoming the Summer 

A time associated with fire, passion and fragrant floral blooms. 

A traditionally potent and liminal time, ripe with possibility and potential, asking for our deep participation with life! 

How do we welcome into our beings the rising energies of the high season without being overwhelmed by them? 

Throughout the weekend, we will explore different ways to ground into the heady energies of the Summer, to not lose ourselves in the hustle and bustle while still relishing the buzz and vibrancy of life shining all around. The green world, lush and blooming, offers many wild edibles for us to taste and enjoy, a sensual bounty to feed our curiosity, our bodies and our souls. 

Over two days together we will:

~connect to the living landscape around us through foraging, wild food preparations and eco-therapy practices

~honour our own internal landscapes with invitations to come into deeper resonance with the seasons

~learn about the traditional Wheel of the Year and symbolic, archetypal and real life applications

~explore opportunities for greater cyclical resonance and re-wilding in our own lives

~create a community container to guide us in these practices going forth

~rest, restore and re-enliven our senses, mind and body, coming back to our own True Nature


Expect to make or taste a flower cordial, a summer tea blend, a flower infused honey, wild greens pesto, infused vinegars and tinctures, plus some other tasty surprises. 

Space for inner exploration will be opened up through the activities of the weekend. 

We will connect to the element of fire, to the plants of this time, and to our own gifts and connection with life. 

Optional campfire on Saturday night in a natural woodland area – an elemental evening of community.
Bring a song or a poem if you’d like to share. 

Bí in éannacht linn! 


We are embarking on a deep ecological journey, travelling through the cross quarter markers, honouring the fullness of a year of seasons. Weekends may be taken individually, or you can journey the full cycle with us. 

A full year long immersion roots us firmly back in the seasons, ith the plants, and within ourselves. 

We follow the four cross quarter points of the Celtic Wheel of the Year; 

Bealtaine – April 29th & 30th – Welcoming Summer emergence

Lughnasadh – July 22nd & 23rd – Honourable Harvest and Celebration

Samhain – November 4th & 5th – Preparing to Journey into the Dark, nourish and rest

Imbolc – February 3rd & 4th – Sowing the Seeds of what is to come

These times are potent liminal phases, where life is beginning to stir towards the next season. We will practise Phenology – following nature’s calendar, as well as a variety of eco-therapy practices to guide us on our way. 



€240 for one weekend. 

This includes 2 full days of teaching and experiential practice. 

Lunch provided on both days, including wild food and foraged dishes where possible. 

Tea / coffee / snacks included. 

Bring a friend and get a €40 discount  each. 

All four sessions – 800euro 

Bring a friend for a 10% discount, plus a special gift to choose from us as practitioners.

We have one bursary place to offer for each weekend, please fill out the following form here to share some details with us. Assessment will be made per application. 

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