Storytelling Evening with Eddie Lenihan at Slieve Aughty Centre in aid of Turkey & Syria

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By a happy accident, in 1981 Eddie Lenihan  began to tell bed-time stories to his own children, and the hero he chose was Fionn Mac Cumhail (Finn Mc Cool). Down the centuries the adventures of this mighty warrior and the Fianna, his heroic band of companions, has given pleasure to Irish people.

Eddie began to develop a whole new sequence of tales – presently over 400 and the list is still growing. Seven books of these have already been published and there is no end to the list in sight. And let no one be fooled by the words ‘for children’ on each. Adults will find them equally thought-provoking, amusing, grotesque and more.

Eddie has made several appearances on TV and has toured the world as far away as Japan telling Irish folk tales to many listening ears.

Families are welcome, no children under 8 years old please

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