Natural Hoof Care Barefoot Trimming Course

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barefoot trimming course at Slieve Aughty CentreNatural hoof care for horse owners course 

This tried and tested course covers the basic theory and practice of Natural hoof care (barefoot trimming). This is a practical workshop which includes demonstrations and hands on work with real horses! It is therefore only suitable for horse owners and people who regularly work with horses.

By the end of this course, participants will have the knowledge and the confidence needed to keep their own horses hooves trimmed and healthy. Natural hoof care, also known as barefoot trimming, is keeping and working horses without shoes. It is not merely taking the shoes off, it is returning the hooves to the natural state of health that enables wild horses to travel 15 miles per day on rough terrain without shoes.

The course is taught by Christophe of Macalla Farm, an experience trimmer who learnt natural hoofcare from an ex-farrier and has been trimming horses and teaching barefoot trimming for fifteen years.

Cost is 80 euros for the day.

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