Drag Hunt and Pre-Hunting Holidays

Drag Hunting Weekend Ireland - all the excitement without the fox!

Crimson coat tails, the baying of excited hounds, and the beat of galloping hooves are the music of the hunt.  Ride with the hounds in County Galway in the west of Ireland, where rolling hills, forest and meadow, and meandering creeks are more prevalent than concrete and steel.

Slieve Aughty Centre offers long weekend drag hunting holidays from October to March. For the adventurous rider, follow the hounds over ditches, drains, walls and drops. For the beginning and intermediate equestrian, experience the hunt with the locals (suitable for advanced children).  Exercise the hounds and improve your horsemanship with guided practice on the centre's cross country course and get to know your horse with some natural horsemanship.
Catering to families, we welcome non-riders, children, and beginning equestrians. With tranquil forest paths, golf, fishing, shopping, and more there is something for everyone.   Slieve Aughty Centre is one of the few places offering drag hunting holidays suited to children and novice riders.  Younger children can stay at the centre for pony farm holidays, fully supervised by our staff, while you go out for a hack, exercise the hounds, or join a full day drag hunt, depending on your ability and desires.

A drag hunting weekend at Slieve Aughty Centre is designed to provide you with all the thrills Irish foxhunts are famous for without inhumane killing or hunting of a live fox.

Long Weekend

A long weekend drag hunting holiday combines the thrill of the hunt with focused instruction in the field and on the cross-country course and includes:

  • Three night's shared accommodation at The Three Towers Eco House*
  • Home-cooked meals from The Three Towers Organic Kitchen
  • Afternoon assessment, hack and cross country training on Friday
  • Cross Country exercise brunch ride with Callatra Stables and natural horsemanship Saturday
  • A drag hunt with Callatra Stables, a local drag hunt, or Countryside Drag Hunt** (for advanced equestrians) Sunday
  • Safe experienced horses for all riding activities

Prices start at €600/adult for a 3 day weekend, all inclusive.

Prefer not to join the drag hunt?  We can organise additional forest hacks and/or cross country lessons instead.

* single supplement applies
**available from November 4th, additional fees apply


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