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Horseback Archery Ireland is happy to announce that Dimitar Trukanov from Bulgaria will be returning again October 11-13 to teach in Ireland. He will be giving a three-day clinic at the Slieve Aughty Centre and participants may join in for one, two, or all three days as they wish. In addition, he is available to teach private lessons at the Centre on 9-10 October.

Dimitar comes from a natural horsemanship background, practices various kinds of equestrian martial arts and is an expert trainer, bareback rider and bareback/tackless jumper. He would be using a variety of very innovative and effective exercises on horseback (some bareback or with saddles without stirrups) with balls, sticks, and other equipment to develop flexibility, power, coordination, balance, a very strong, stable seat, and the ability to perform all kinds of dynamic motions while maintaining that stable seat. These skills, which he can teach at any level, are practical for horse archery and other equestrian martial arts, Roßfechten, polo, polocrosse, mounted games, or bareback riding and jumping.

As stated above, participants may join in for one, two, or all three days. There will be a morning and afternoon session with a lunch break. For those participating (or auditing) the clinic, lunch is available in the organic restaurant at the Centre.
1 day: €85
2 days: €135
3 days: €175

Horse hire is available for the following fees:
1 day: €60
2 days: €110
3 days: €150

Participants are welcome to bring their own horse to the clinic.  Slieve Aughty Centre charges €15 per day for those bringing their own horse. Stabling is available at the Centre. Horses brought to the clinic must be calm at the walk and trot in an arena with the reins laying on their neck and must be desensitised to a rider handling wooden sticks, rope held by the rider and dragged on the ground, and to tennis balls and medium-sized balls being tossed to and from the rider and dropping on their neck or by their feet. If there are any questions about the extent of desensitisation please do not hesitate to ask.

For those traveling from abroad, accommodation is available at Slieve Aughty Centre itself (for enquiries: +353909745246; info@slieveaughtycentre.com).

Deposits for the clinic are:
€50 for 1 day clinic
€80 for 2 days
€100 for 3 days

Registration form: https://docs.google.com/forms/d/e/1FAIpQLSeO2Y0bVXXBnnBIOXZqd94xVGLA3g6b-8pqVn3884zGkBDtjQ/viewform?c=0&w=1&usp=mail_form_link

Deposits may be submitted to Horseback Archery Ireland via bank transfer (see registration form for details).

The clinic fee balance and other fees may be paid on the day.

Places in this clinic are limited, so participants are advised to register early!


Dimitar is able to teach private lessons involving any of the following on horseback:

• Bareback and balance exercises useful for horse archery and other equestrian martial arts, polo, polocrosse, mounted games, etc
• whip
• sabre
• spear
• historical martial techniques in horse archery
• natural horsemanship
• horse training and riding issues

Private lessons are €40/hour. Horse hire is available, if necessary, for €20/hour for these.

For the availability of private lessons on 9-10 October, please email horsebackarcheryireland@gmail.com.

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