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Coronavirus Protocols at Slieve Aughty Centre

The following protocols have been developed in accordance with the latest guidelines provided by the government and the Association of Irish Riding Establishments.  In the interest of public safety and the well-being of our staff, we ask that you please follow the guidelines below as a visitor to Slieve Aughty Centre.  


The Riding Centre

Only clients booked in for lessons or treks are to enter the yard – it is not open for general visitation. Clients are advised to wash hands thoroughly prior to leaving their homes and use hand sanitiser (will be available at the parking tent) before riding. Toilet facilities will not be available to the public except in the event of an emergency.  Clients who have booked online will receive detailed information about protocols when they book.  


We have identified the equestrian activities which can ensure that:
• A social distance of at least 6 feet can be maintained
• No contact
The following are the activities which we are able to offer:
1. Group arena lessons (maximum of 4 in a class)
2. Private arena lessons
3. Group cross country lessons (maximum of 4 in a class)
4. Private cross country lessons
5. Group treks (maximum of 4 in a trek)

  1. Schooling with your own horse


We are unfortunately NOT able to offer lead reins, pony rides to the Enchanted Forest, or beginner lessons for small children (requiring a lead) as leading a rider does not allow for the recommended social distance.  


We would ask that you wash your hands before leaving your house. On arrival to Slieve Aughty Riding Centre, there will be hand sanitising facilities at the welcome tent in the parking area, which must be used before entering the yard. We would also encourage you to bring your own sanitiser with you so that you can use this at any time during the day in the event that you need it. 
All riding centre clients will be met by a staff member at the welcome tent and brought to the yard.
Parents: If you will be driving your child to Slieve Aughty Riding Centre, we would ask you to drop them off in the car park and let your child enter the yard on his/her own. We request that you do not enter the yard to watch lessons or collect your children but instead either wait in your car or leave and return at the designated time to pick him/her up in the car park. 

Clients: If you are driving by yourself – please check before you leave the car that you have not parked too close to another vehicle, allowing you to maintain social distancing when entering and exiting your vehicle and avoid excess contact with others using the car park.


A staff member will return each riding centre client to the car park after the lesson/trek is complete. It is possible to order take away food/drink (see additional protocols) before or after your ride if you wish.  If you wish to order food after your ride, a staff member will escort you to the table on the decking outside the bar/lounge area, where you will find menus and instructions on how to order.  Please sanitise your hands (stations available at the table or in the yard) before touching anything or ordering. 


Payment and Waiver Forms
Whenever possible, payment should be made in advance.  If this is not possible, cash will be accepted only if placed in a sealed envelope for the exact amount due.  As a last resort, payments can be sent through paypal to info@slieveaughtycentre.com. For new clients, staff will have waiver forms available in the yard.  These must be completed before riding can begin. A waiver form for walking will be on the car park table for walkers to sign.


Wearing of Masks
As of now, there is no government guidance on the wearing of masks. Wearing of masks at this stage therefore is optional until further clarification is given.  


We would ask that you please use the bathroom before you arrive at Slieve Aughty Centre to minimise the need for people to use the bathrooms. Of course if needs be, please tell a staff member and she will bring you there. Please ensure to carefully wash your hands and use the spray provided for the toilet handle, taps, doors and any other surface you may have touched. Please leave the door fully open after use. Please refrain from using the bathrooms for changing.  Baby changing facilities will not be available.


Tack, Helmets, Body Protectors and Grooming Kits
We advise where possible riders supply their own helmets, boots and body protectors.  Clients are not required to groom or tack horses or ponies, and staff will follow hygiene protocols with grooming equipment after use.  Clients are not permitted to enter the tack room.  If Slieve Aughty Centre’s helmets or boots are required, disinfectant spray is available for use before and after a lesson.  Staff will disinfect all tack and PPE which has had contact with riders after each lesson. 


First Aid
In the event that first aid is required, both the first aider and the injured party should wear gloves and masks. Hand washing before and after any treatment should be done on all occasions. Normal protocols to be followed in the event that an ambulance needs to be called. Designated Riding School First Aiders can be called to assist as necessary.


Slieve Aughty Centre General Visitors and Walkers

Anyone visiting Slieve Aughty Centre for walking or to order take away food will find all the instructions at the welcome tent in the parking, including maps, waiver forms (walking), Enchanted Forest packs, take away menus, and hand sanitizer. 

Visitors have access to the Organic Garden, front of the guest house and outside decking, bar area and disabled access toilet, back of the guest house (picnic area), the garden by the pergola, and Enchanted Forest.  Please do not enter any of these areas if there are more than 2 other people/family groups already in the area (with the exception of the picnic space).  It is very important that everyone is able to enjoy the facilities with social distancing.  No access is permitted to the riding centre, playground, arts and crafts room, tack room, inside the guest house, the Poplar Room, Locker Room, eco-lodges, glamping cabin, playground hut, or nature hut. 


Take Away Menu Protocol
Take away menus will be available at the welcome tent in the car park and on the table at the front deck outside the bar.  These will be small paper menus that can be disposed of or taken home.  We ask that each visitor/family only touches and takes one copy.  Once you have decided what you wish to order, ring the phone number provided to place your order.  You will receive a return phone call when your order is ready, which you can collect at the table at the front deck outside the bar.  Coffee and tea can be collected at the bar, where payments can also be taken.  Someone will serve you here, please do not touch anything at the bar.  


Once you have received your order, you can bring it away with you or you are welcome to enjoy a picnic in our garden.  Tables will be placed minimum of 6 feet from each other so that individuals/family groups adhere to required social distancing measures.   Dogs are only allowed in the picnic areas on a lead and must be cleaned up after by their owners anywhere on the property.  Dogs are not allowed in the Organic garden.

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